1.       What is the lipoprotein that transports de novo synthesized TG in the liver?

n  AnswerVLDL

2.       Which site has the greatest absorption of iron in the small intestine?

n  AnswerDuodenum

3.       What cells secrete human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)?

n  AnswerTrophoblast cell

4.       What is the transporter which is inhibited by Digitalis

n  Answer: Na+/K+ATPase

n  Explanation: Digitalis shows cardiotonic to decrease Na concentration gradient and transport efficiency of Na+/Ca2+exchanger.

5.       What is the discontinuous sound which is heard in a patient with pulmonary edema?

n  AnswerCoarse crackle

6.       What is the largest sesamoid bone in human body?


n  Answer Patella